I Shot A Buck.

Okay, that's not entirely true. [Although I do have a hunting story for another time and place.]

But I have reached 100 posts! Yeay! I feel like that's a true milestone. Or an indication of deep-rooted insanity. Either way, I'm so glad you've stuck around for the ridiculous awesome displays of insanity that spew forth from my fingers.

You may not know this, but composing a 100th post is stressful. Should I be serious? Should I be effusive and thankful? Sassy? Should I be witty? Can I be witty - is that even possible?

You can see where this is a problem.

So instead of worrying about that, I want to share a superfantabulously cool blog that I re-found today. I visited awhile back, and like the sometimes-not-so-brilliant gal that I can be emulate, I forgot to bookmark the page and couldn't remember the url to save the whales!


I was thrilled to see that the author was a guest poster at the always-entertaining SCL today, though, 'cause that means I can stalk visit his page more often. Just for the wallpapers, naturally.

This one is the one I'm currently using. Sassy, yes? Seriously, you should go check out all of his desktop wallpapers - you won't be disappointed.

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