Hola, Mexicanos!

Hi there! Are you new here? Maybe you [like several visitors this month] googled 'Mexican word of the day'?

Well, here's one. Juneau. No, not that hardy little township in the snowy regions of Alaska. Juneau as in 'Juneau who made these tamales?'

What's that you say... Did you want to see 'puppies Rache'?

Well, today is definitely your lucky day. I aim to entertain and inspire, so feast your eyes on the cuteness that is a beagle puppy. [Although I don't know what this has to do with me, but hey - you asked!]

I know, it's too much.

I'm amused and intrigued by the ways that people are finding my blog [thank you, Google Webmaster Tools, for snooping around and finding these gems for me!] but by all means, keep googlin' and visitin', y'all.

Even if you didn't really mean to stop by at all. It's ok. Hopefully you'll stick around for the good parts. ;o)

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