Notice anything new?

*whistling a ditty, pointedly rolling eyes upward*

See it yet? Okay, good. Here's the story; I'm lucky blessed enough to have a sister who is patient and kind enough to put up with me when I have random ideas like 'let's go downtown and take pictures!'

Yes, she's that fabulous. No, you may not keep her in your pocket.

So yesterday was a beautifully grey day [which, if you're expertly ameteurish like me, you'll know spells clear, crisp pictures without squinty-eyed shots from the sunlight] and the perfect opportunity to avoid studying and do something completely unneccesary, so we did just that. Leah got some fun shots; these are my favorites, taken in front of an abandoned historic building. I'm loving the colors!

The only problem is that I have so many new possibilities for bloggy designs now that my creative little heart is almost overwhelmed.

It's a sickness.

I'll be trying out new designs featuring the photography of my favorite sister when I have more time to put my elusive ideas into proper .jpeg format, but for now, I'm going with a rough draft of another 'hello, alohilana!' design.

You'll just have to check back for more. ;o)

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