You Go, Girl!

I heart it when women make a forcible impact on the history of a nation.

What, you don't think that's possible? Talk to anybody who has a wife. ;o)

Enough said.

So I'm doing this project (also known as a projecto to my Spanish teacher, who is adorable and also quite adept at randomly mixing Spanish and English during class) for my Spanish class about las soldaderas during the Mexican Revolution, and I'm loving it. These ladies were fierce, y'all! I've read that they stepped up when the men were being chickens (or pollos?) and kept leaving their posts to curl up in a corner and nap - they fought with babies strapped to their backs, wearing layered skirts and bandoliers - and rockin' the look, naturally.

These gals are a testament to the fact that women can still be ladies and show true grit and determination. I hope that in an opportunity for greatness like a revolution, whether in thought or deed, I'd be able to show strength in the face of adversity and stand for my beliefs, just like a soldadera.

So hug your favorite girls today, y'all - you never know when the strength of a woman might be your saving grace.

Just ask your momma. ;o)

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