Who's Reading You?

I'm not the most up-to-date person when it comes to celebrity news, I'm not going to lie. The pitifully small bank of knowledge I possess about Angelina Jolie and John Mayer and David Beckham [and other famous people who aren't coming to mind] is laughable - just ask my sister, who knows everyone, celebrity or otherwise. Seriously.

99% of the year, I stick with my standards - the Bible, textbooks, inspirational books, and a few blogs - all the things I should be reading. But I always buy celebrity rags when I'm flying. No questions, please, really, because I have no good answer. ;o) That doesn't matter when I'm flying, I guess, because with the surety of the rising sun, I settle into my seat armed with the latest copy of US or OK and read up. Every time.

[Then I base my entire celebrity knowledge on those magazines until I book another flight, because I'm good like that.]

Why is this important to you? Because you're reading my blog, of course! ;o)

My familiarity with People magazine may not apply to you, but is it a sign of zip-code Christianity [read: the ability to become or to act differently while on vacation or away from one's home church] in me? Whether or not I know anything about celebrity splits and hits, it's important that my faith and my adherence to the principles of Phil. 4:8 never changes.

No matter where I am reading, someone will be reading me.

[Oh, and the CosmoUK was borrowed. I wasn't flying, I was slumber-partying, so I was off celebrity rag duty. I cannot tell you what 1,000 men said or what they revealed about Miss Blondie, and for that, I am very sorry.]

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