Hitching A Ride.

There you saw how the Lord your God carried you, as a father carries his daughter, all the way you went until you reached this place. (Deuteronomy 1:31)

I got leg-dropped by the Bible today.

[Almost] True story.

Okay - more precisely, this precious promise from Jesus dropped peace into my spirit today, reminding me once again that this journey is taking me to a deeper place in Him. That's totally like being leg-dropped, I think.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that promise of better days and clearer views when we're groping around in a foggy present.

Trust me. I wouldn't lie about a thing like that.

But whether or not I can see what my future holds, I can see the past. I see how I've been carried through dark nights when the ache in my heart threatened to suffocate my soul. I know who held me when I cried until there were no more tears, begging to be allowed the luxury of not feeling anymore.

See, I grew up believing that I am destined to do great things for Jesus' kingdom; not because I'm convinced that I'm God's favorite child, but because I felt the weight of His calling pressing indelible marks into my spirit. [Never mind that when I was 4, I thought that great things for Jesus meant marrying my favorite preacher.] He was marking my soul for something great.

Unfortunately, I possess very little of that virtue we call patience. When things don't work out like I assume they will, my first instinct is to switch into Plan B Mode. It happens when I decide that He must not have been serious about those soul tattoos.

But Plan B Mode is completely faithless and fearful. Especially because my plans pale in comparison to the promises He's given me. In fact, I'm pretty sure that my plans get me into situations that require my being rescued. Maybe often, too. I'm just saying.

When I drop my lists and plans and see my life for what He is making it to be, it's not difficult to look down the road I've just traveled and see the places that He carried me through, despite my mental shortcomings and daily hindrances. Like the Father that He is, He patiently rescues me from my schemes and plans and guides me toward what He is calling me to be.

I trust Him. These waters are not so uncharted as I've made them out to be in my own mind. A wiser mind than mine is laying plans. Stronger hands than mine are guiding me.

And a deeper heart than mine is loving through me.

So just when I'm ready to throw up my hands in surrender and retreat from this strange walk of responsibility and adulthood and ministry to everyone, everywhere, every time, I hear a faint whisper of His promise again.

I'm one step closer to my destiny today. Because He carried me.

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