Ay, yi, yi!

It's official. I'm reverting back to my germophobic ways.

Why now, you ask?

Well, the sorrow on my [oddly shadowed, thanks to the bathroom light fixture] face in the picture above tells the story in a thousand words, but here's the short of it; I'm infected with a mysterious bacteria that is slowly chipping away at my sanity.

I know. It's tragic. If you look closely, you can see the tears and the redness that have overtaken my eyeballs. True story.

Okay, now to clarify; I fell asleep in my contact lenses a couple of weeks ago and it happened to give me a nasty little infection in my eyes, so I'm weeping and itching and medicating my way back to health. But the loss of sanity part is definitely true, y'all. I'm going nuts!

So this whole experience is making me want to be a germophobe again, because apparently, this awful malady can be spawned by touching dirty things and transferring the bacteria to my eyes.


I have an appointment next week to ensure that my [ridiculously expensive] eyedrops have taken care of the problem so that I can wear my contacts again.

Until then, I remain yours truly.

Four Eyes.

[That's Ay, ay, ay, AY!, if you're counting....]

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