Blog Years!

I'm parked in front of a borrowed computer at this very moment, munching away at a pile of pizza bites [for which I am deeply sorry, but not at all repentant] and poised and ready to tell you what's kept me from blogging for a month.


Ok. Good.


Yep. That's how it went down. I'd have said so sooner, but I've had wireless internet access exactly twice since burning up the highway into Texas.

You can see where that would be a problem.

The past month has been full of surprises. If anything, I've been reminded again how I am not in control of the future that God has planned for me. And how that's okay.

You are the Potter, Lord. I'm the clay. Make me and mold me according to Your will.

See, I packed my worldly goods into my Honda and left Ohio with a P-L-A-N, y'all. Bossy people like me always have plans. But life didn't parade from point A to B [color-coded on college-ruled notebook paper, thankyoukindly] like I'd directed it to do; two weeks after moving, I found myself unexpectedly without a place to stay, still without a job, still 2000 miles away from the church I love, and now staring at a pile of work for this semester that might make a grown woman cry a river of tears. I'm just saying.

I'd like to say that my story is now complete with a tale of miraculous reversal of every problem that I've faced since I moved, but then I'd be lying, and that seems like a terrible thing to do in a blog.

This is a journey blog. Simple and honest.

I definitely don't know the plan. There's a reason He's God and I'm not. But I'm willing to learn what He's teaching me, and providing that I have access to wireless internet and pizza bites [um, because I might have eaten the whole pile already - I'm just saying] I'll share them here for you to verify. Just in case I'm wrong.

I'm growing, I'm learning, I'm changing into what He wants, and even though I'm not even pretending to understand the whole plan, He's the Potter.

Make me and mold me.

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