Oh, It's Definitely Good.

I may have discovered the most amazingly cool website ever today.

Yep, no lie. ChaCha is a free, online information portal; you can text any question and it will find the answer.

[Yes, I realize that Google and it's mobile child GoogleText have already swept the world, but roll with me, alright? ;o)]

Not only will it turn millions of ordinary people into conversational geniuses, it's inordinately spectacular because it's named after me - well, after the only name for me that my baby sister could spit out during her formative years. Oh, yeah. Since those times, I've been 'ChaCha' to my family and friends.

So I feel like I should be collecting royalties or fronting the band, here. Luckily for the world, I am doing neither of these things, but I just had to spread the love, anyway.

Happy texting! ;o)

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