S'News To Me.

[Why yes, yes I am particularly proud of that tagline. I slay me. *grin*]

So Someone [*evil glare*] captured a particularly scintillating moment in my life recently. Not mentioning names [I'm protecting the guilty by not even going there.. *grin*] but Jesus is watching you, even if I was not.

So this picture? Totally surreal to me. I've never seen myself sleeping [obviously] so it's a new angle.

[And if this is nothing new to you and you've already seen me sleep, I apologize. I was listening to you, really, I was!]

If this picture is surreal, 'Los at Ragamuffin Soul's sleeping video in time-lapsed splendor is downright haunting. I'd try it, myself, but nobody [especially a 'nobody' named ME] wants to see all that.

So how do you sleep?

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