If Wish Lists Were Horses..

I keep a list of things I'm working towards purchasing - things I wish I could afford now, but can't. I plan to have the things on my list at some point in the future, but this stuff doesn't cause me to lose sleep at night over lack of having it.

It'd just make life soooo much easier during my waking hours to have them.

I like to call them justifiable wants, because this stuff would be handy.

Like this beauty:At $3,702.00, I'm not shelling out for this sweet 17" Macbook Pro anytime in the near future. Because, you know, this baby can't be driven or lived in, and a girl's got to prioritize.

But seriously - how amazing would it be to do my graphics on my very own Macbook Pro with a 17" hi-def screen?!?

Oh, yeah. One of these days, baby. We're meant to be together.

Or these snazzy little jogging shoes [I'll be a copycat now, though, since Jenn is now the proud new owner of her own Shox *wink*]:..Nike Shox, which work with your iPod while you run, recording steps, distance, calories burned, the phone numbers of hot, single jogging guys you pass up on the trail..

As we say back in the clean south - surrrrously.

Of course, spending $100 on a snazzy pair of jogging shoes that work directly with my iPod means that I'll need to buy an iPod for my tunes [and the reports from my shoes, which is a sentence I never thought I'd utter] and spend another $300 or so to do it.

Pretty ambitious for an on-again, off-again jogger like me, sportin' a load of extra poundage as clear evidence that I don't get out and run like I should.

Maybe it'd be incentive. Y'know, because those shoes don't lie - in fact, they broadcast the truth to the website Nike has set up for people to keep track of their stats.

Dirty little tellers. Maybe those can wait.

There are other things on my future list, like this:

Coming in at a nice $30,000, this sucker is a gas guzzler extraordinaire. [I'm pretty sure that's a word. If not, I'm pretty sure it should be.] But it's a pretty awesome one - seriously, it's got racks for my surfboards [you know, the ones languishing in a storage unit in Florida] when I go to the beach [you know, because there are so many beaches here in Ohio..] and stuff.

Fun fact about my vehicular choice: When I last car-shopped [I kept Phoebe, in case you were wondering, because I love her and she's GREAT on gas] I went directly to Nissan, where the salesman tried to convince me that I needed a luxurious vehicle, like the Murano.

Admittedly, it's an awesome ride.

But I told him I wanted the X-Terra.

'But it has no features! You can't get the sunroof! It's so plain! The seats are moved manually! It's meant for young, active guys who are just going to tear it up! You're more the luxury type! Why don't you just drive the Murano and see?'

Way to sell me on it, buddy. Thanks, now I'm definitely set in my decision.

Oh, and don't get me started on the house stuff I want. I have a whole list, complete with descriptions, colors, pricing, and order of importance.

But really, I'm not that crazy, right? It's about goals. Eventually. When I can afford it and my checkbook doesn't howl in pain every time I pull it out.

So what's on your list?

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