How It Feels.

It's been the source of a raging debate in the blog world lately, and I haven't posted about it yet because I was attempting to avoid the argument over the one word that has set bloggers afire. Clearly, you can see where the debate begins here. ;o)

The Kinetic Church (I love that they've used 'kinetic' to describe their heartbeat) in Charlotte, NC suffered a major loss when a thief took off with their trailer, which contained most of their equipment. Pack-and-plays for the nursery, Bibles, AVL equipment - gone.

Here's how they responded. They wrote the thief a gutsy little letter - and paid to have it posted it on a billboard. They point the reader to their website, where this beautiful message of forgiveness awaits the perpetrator of this crime.

They're being alternately praised and criticized, particularly for their use of the term "ballsy". It's true - the word is impolite, at best. It would make me uncomfortable to use it in my personal vernacular.

But it's this kind of in-your-face message that catches the attention of a person willing to steal equipment from God's house. This church stepped completely out of the box to go beyond compassion and reach out to the person that has caused them so much grief.

I'm humbled. This is kinetic Christianity; it's characterized by the movement of Jesus, compelling them to compassion.

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