He's Here!

I'm an auntie to the third power, y'all!

Raiden Alynn was born this morning while most of us slept; he was in a hurry to make his appearance, so he decided to show up before the doctor did. He was delivered by the OB nurse, and he's alive and well, despite arriving sporting an umbilical-cord necklace.

I'm so, SO excited for Chris and Sunny and the boys, and I can't wait to love on sweet baby Ray! [oh yeah, I just went there. We're Texans - we love our BBQ references!]

Raiden joins older brothers Damien, 9 [pictured here at Christmas with me. I was researching a role as a fat person. ;oD]

And Tyler, 5 [again at Christmas, with me and my method-actress fatness]

ChaCha loves you, bebes! ;o)

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