Help. He Needs Somebody.

I'm a softie.

Maybe that's hard for you to believe, since I'm known for my ability to pummel a guy twice my size with all the vigor of a boxer on a rampage and everything.

What, what?!

Really, I'm just emotional mush when it comes to a need.

Take, for instance, missionary services; I'm so there. Before the introductions and songs in the country's native language are through, I'm glued to the projector screen in anticipation of the slideshow that is sure to come.

Because it ain't a missionary service without a slide show, y'all. ;o)

I love, love, love hearing about amazing works that ordinary people are doing on behalf of an extraordinary God. The sacrifice, the passion, the dedication, the fervor - I'm on board. I'll take that pledge, please. One for me, thank you.

And yes, I do want the t-shirt, thank you kindly.

So when I stumble across blogs highlighting things like Gobena Coffee, [featured at Ragamuffin Soul] or LUO Ministries, [stumbled upon at Annie D's blog], my heart is happy. [What? In my heart, I'm still 12 years old, waiting for the missionary slideshow. So back off me. ;o)] Here are organizations formed and fueled by ordinary people who ignited into passionate blazes of inspiration for His glory.

And I can't thank them enough, because their dedication and perseverance inspire me to make a difference in the small ways that I can.

You can, too. It doesn't take a certain breed of Christian to impact the world; it takes an ordinary Christian, mixed with passion and a purpose, and the world is changed.

So what are you doing to impact your world?

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