Freely Given!

I am, as indicated by the Taco Bell love yesterday, a hardcore fan of free stuff. I just like it so much more when I don't have to pay for it, yo!

[This in no way indicates the presence of kleptomania within my heart, I just love when people share. You know, with permission and all that good, legal stuff.]

Here's something pretty sweet that has taken over the musical world lately; free music! Since I heart music and I love free stuff, this works out very well for me.

My tastes are very eclectic, but since I passed on free music from the likes of NIN and Coldplay, I was pretty pumped to find Downhere's album available for free download online, and as you're probably guessing, I had to jump in on that action, y'all.

So far, I'm thinking that I like it! It's amped, guitar-driven worship tunes, so if you're a Hymnal Hero or even Tomlin Curious, this ain't your cut, yo.

But I'm loving it! Downhere is officially going to go into my 'cool tunes' folder, right next to Kurt Carr and Dave Barnes.

Told you I was eclectic. ;o)

Enjoy the free tunes, y'all!

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