So I'm wearing my glasses today, y'all. They're spankin' adorable and somewhat dangerous.

Take, for instance, the drive to work this morning, when I constantly had to swivel my head while [weaving] navigating through traffic on the highway.

Yeah, that could be a problem at some speeds. [Note: if you are my dad, then 'some speeds' means 35 mph, ok?]

So there's that.

Plus, I've taken to scrunching my nose a lot. Apparently, that is my lazy bum way of pushing them back up my nose when they inevitably start sliding towards my upper lip.

So I look like I'm spastic and I'm dangerous on the roads.

But they're pretty sweet specs, yo! ;o)

[ETA: False. It is not an 'Armani' shirt. It is a busted old Army PT shirt, and it is comfy and therefore perfectly acceptable as an outer garment. At least when I'm sleeping, sheesh! *grin*]

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