A Dying Diet.

So the whole New Year's resolution thing?

Over it.

I'm trying to justify my complete apathy about my weight-loss plan by pointing out that I held on to my 'resolution' more than some people do.

But that's just me being all defensive, y'all.

Really, I need to find my motivation and jump back into my diet. I'd been losing weight steadily since January, but in May, I burnt out.

I need a major kick in the tail to get started again, I think. I started out my diet with all the fervor of a PETA poodle, but it fizzled.

Still, I don't know if I'm brave enough to try anything as drastic and wacked out as the good old '80s era TWA Stewardess' Diet, which I'm pretty sure I'd be sick of by the end of breakfast on Day #1.

But I have made a commitment to jog with a friend each week - hopefully multiple times [assuming we can arrange our crazy schedules to allow it, that is..] to get my brain back on the weight-loss track.

After all, I've got a way to go before I'm surfboard ready. ;o)

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