Ye Olde Pastimes..

Not too long ago, there was a 'child of the 80s/90s' forward passed around among twenty-and-thirty-somethings and children who lied to MySpace and swiped the from their older friends. [Oh, please, honey chil' - you are not a 102-year-old living in Barbados. We're so on to you.]

The forward got to my inbox and exploded; someone hit 'reply all' and it was on like Donkey Kong. For real, y'all. At the end of the day, we all agreed that being born in the 90s does NOT make you 'a child of the 90s'.

So, if you're that 102-year-old in Barbados, ignore this. If you're a real twenty-or-thirty-something and you remember home computers with black screens, blinking cursors, and dinner-plate sized discs [viva la floppy!] with the ability to bring [magically addicting] arcade games right to you, how much love can you show for Digger?!?!?

Seriously. This little guy is timeless. Please tell me you made it to level 37 before you made the switch to 3.5" floppies and our friendly little scooper was lost to you forever!

Well, not forever. Someone resurrected him here: http://www.play.vg/games/58-Digger.html.

HAPPY FRIDAY, FOLKS! [Seriously, kicking 5-year-old heinie AND evil, dirt-dwelling goblins? THIS is Friday love, y'all!]

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