Words Escape Me..

This little gem was invented [and patented, as if anyone would want to replicate this genius piece of equipment] by two guys who wanted to make relaxation a little easier for the common man.

Here's how I think it went:

Eric: "Man, we need some major cash. We need to come up with something that people will want to spend a lot of money on."

Philip: "Dude, my parents just spent $3000 on a cruise! What the heck?! If I knew they had $3000, I would have asked for a loan."

Eric: "Focus, man. Hey, what are they doing on a cruise? They're going to be stuck on a boat, for WHAT?"

Philip: "Relaxation, or something. I don't know."

Eric: "People pay money to relax! Shoot, I think we're on to something, man!"

And thus, this amazing vibrating metal helmet was created to soothe even the most savage beast.

Or something.

More completely useless and absolutely hilarious inventions can be found here.

[Being unaffiliated with them, any potential hideousness you may find by following that link is excused by my lack of knowledge, ok? ;o)]

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