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I'm blessed. As a young girl, I never lived with the constant fear that I might be ripped from my family by a money-hungry enterpriser intent on selling me, or worse, sold by my parents into sexual slavery. I was not born into a society so bereft and poverty-stricken that simple sustenance means daily struggles to survive. My mother did not contract a deadly disease and affect my development in the womb because of it. I have never had to live under the shadow of fear of militia attacks, marauders, and gang wars.

But all over the world, there are people who do live with these atrocities. Because I'm blessed in non-monetary ways, it's easy to pretend that I can avoid being socially conscious because my small contributions won't help.

But they will. My dollar and your dollar, my signature on a petition and yours, my donated time and effort and yours - together, they make all the difference.

Here are a few organizations to check out! I've worked with these agencies in the past, via donations, volunteer work, or raising awareness, and I can vouch for their motives. ;o)

The Emancipation Network, a middle-man agency that works with women escaping sexual slavery, teaching them handicraft trades and helping them establish a customer base. www.theemancipationnetwork.org.

ONE, a non-profit advocacy and humanitarian agency. ONE campaigns for poverty stricken nations on Capitol Hill, working to introduce bills into the US Senate that will provide relief for underpriviledged nations. www.one.org.

Compassion International, a Christian organization through which a child in an impoverished nation can be sponsored for $32 monthly. www.compassion.com.

Project Red, an organization aiming to fight AIDS in developing or poverty-stricken nations. www.joinred.com.

LiveStrong, Lance Armstrong's famous foundation aimed at eradicating cancer. This organization funds research for cancer cures. www.livestrong.org.

Doctors Without Borders, an organization through which medical professionals can volunteer their time to travel to poor and underdeveloped nations to provide critical health care at no cost to the people there. DWB always needs donations for supplies and volunteers to provide quality medical care. www.doctorswithoutborders.org.

Habitat For Humanity, an organization that focuses on poor and needy people within our own borders. Habitat provides low-cost housing for underpriviledged families; construction for these homes is volunteer-oriented, and supplies and funding are always needed. www.habitat.org.

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