Of the Nourishment and Edification of the Saints.

I've been on a get-skinny-or-die campaign since January, and I'm not skinny yet, but I look different enough to throw people off a little. I find it vastly amusing every time someone stands in front of me, rotating an index finger pointed directly at my clavicle, eyeing me with one eyelid at half-mast and trying desperately to figure out what I've done differently. Back off me - you'd laugh, too. *grin*
I'm not going to lie, though - for the past few weeks, I've been absolutely unmotivated to eat all things green and healthy. I'm ashamed to admit that I found 4 (FOUR!) fortunes from Chinese takeout cookies scattered in my car today.

Is that the end of my embarrassing admission? Yes.
Well, no. Fine, ok, sheesh. It gets worse; the drive-through lady finished my sentence for me today. I kid you not. She had the duck sauce in hand before I could finish asking for it.

Don't judge me. Those fortunes were nuggets of wisdom! It was for the sake of knowledge and greater understanding, really! ;o)

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