Music Monday!

I'm a lyric nut. I love a bumpin' beat and interesting harmony and unique vocal stylings as much as the next person, it's true. But I want to know how the song was born in the heart of the author.

'Healer' by Mike Guglielmucci is one of my favorite songs. Alone, it's a powerful song. But when you know the story, it's moving and emotional. Mike was involved with the youth at Planetshakers church in Melbourne; he's also a talented bassist who had traveled with the Planetshakers band. Yeah, you know 'em. If not, get to know them. They rock.

Mike had a serious secret, though. He struggled with an addiction to pornography that caused him to lie to his family, his church, and the world. In 2006, Mike announced to his church that he had been diagnosed with a terminal cancer of the blood, already at a stage three. His doctor gave him three and a half weeks to live.

His church, his family, and the entire Christian community rallied around him, praying for him daily, donating to his medical fund and supporting his music. He wrote songs like 'Oh, Praise Him' and the following, 'Healer, all while indulging in his secret addiction. Pornography affects the chemistry of the brain and many scientists advocate it's use as a painkiller for terminal patients.

The true story of Mike's secret battle, and the extraordinary lengths to which he went to cover up his sins, eventually came to light, devastating his family, friends, church, and the entire world who had given their unwavering support throughout his purported illness.

That's not the rest of the story, though. Our God is gracious and loving, far above what we deserve. Mike's struggle is only one example of countless stories of people who neglected to seek rest in the grace of God. This song is Mike's song. The words, I know, are inspired by a God of hope and comfort. No matter how crazy your situation is or how far gone you think that you are, Jesus is waiting for you to call on Him.

Maybe it took one man's brokenness to bring a message of healing to an entire generation. But don't take my word for it - listen to the song and hear for yourself. ;)

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