43 Billion Things..

I am not a melancholy. I haven't the patience nor the ability to sit still, which makes me an odd mix of sanguine-ity and choleric-ness [yes, I totally made up those suffixes. Don't judge my Engrish, you! ;o)] in case that was the eternal question burning a hole in your brain.

But my momma, on the other hand? She is - through and through. I'm convinced that the authors decided to make a category about my mother and call it melancholy. Melancholy people looooooooove lists, so Momma made her children be list people. Going to camp? Make a list. Cleaning your room? Make a list. Grocery shopping? Make a list, for goodness sakes!

Choleric people think they don't have time to make a paper list. Sanguines lose lists, but it doesn't matter, since sanguines make completely useless lists with hearts and doodles and scribbles, anyway.

But if you're any of those personalities, or shoot - even if you're phlegmatic [and if you are, I'm very sorry for you. You got the worst of the four terrible category names, though I'm sure you're just peachy in real life!] you can't help but enjoy fun stuff like visiting www.43things.com and clicking 'refresh' a hundred or so times to see what people are putting on their 'Life Lists'.

Oh, yeah. Good times at the office - much better than solitaire, which I always lose at. ;o)

If you're really brave [or melancholy] you can make a list, too.

Go ahead. You know you want to! *grin*

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