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If you're an easily offended, left-wing nutcase acquainted with Gloria Allred and the ACLU, feel free to ignore this post. It is neither intended to offend nor offensive in nature to normal people.

So there. Smoke that, crackheads. ;o)

I'm from south Texas, y'all. Also known as Extended Mexico. If you're from south Texas, you're automatically Mexican by association, regardless of your heritage. Boom. That's the way it just is. Have a healthy respect for the elusive Chupacabra? Check. The ability to translate menu/billboard/telephone prompt items in Spanish? Check. Familiar with the ways of Mexican food? Check, check, check. You've gotta be an EM.

Being the Extended Mexican that I am, I find intense humor in the 'Mexican Word Of The Day' texts my friend Joe sends. They pretty much leave me chortling alone at my desk [where I'm supposed to be working, not texting, but don't tell me that!] which he likens to the cackling old lady on Nacho Libre. But whatev. *grin*

Here are my favorites. Don't worry - if you don't laugh, you're not from Extended Mexico.

Q: "What's the difference between 'choice' and 'choose?"
A: "A 'choice' is a decision you make. 'Choose' is something Mexicans wear on their feet sometimes."

Today's MWOTD [that's Mexican Word Of The Day, y'all. Stay with me!]:

Word of the day: "Wheelchair"
Usage: "Ey, Vato! Chu got the last tortilla!" "No worries, amigo, wheelchair!"

Yesterday's MWOTD:

Words of the day: "Liver" and "Cheese"
Usage: [spoken by the husband of a senora who has become the object of interest for an interested male passerby] "Ey, vato! Liver alone! Cheese mine!"

...And because I just saw this sign and I practically blew a gasket laughing at how fitting (?!) it is:

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