What, more than others?

I know, it's awful. As thrilled as I am to be a real live blogger (because I feel like I should be considered that, whether or not I have a good blog going.. *grin*) I can't seem to keep up with it.
I'm stinkin' AWESOME at this, can't you tell? *grin*

I have valid (excuses) reasons for my absence, though; most of them involve my crazy busy life and schedule. Seriously, it's spinning and whirling almost too quickly for me to keep up!

Through all of the craziness that is my life, though, I'm picking up bits of inspiration everywhere. I always find cool things I swear I'll remember to blog, but only the really good stuff makes the cut. Y'know, it can only be the best for my genius readers. ;o)

Point in case - this awesome verse: "If you greet only the people you like, are you doing any more than others? The people who do not know God do that much. Matt 5:47 (NLV)".

I've heard twenty-something years of powerful, provoking sermons, and I've never heard anyone talk about this. I've heard kindness, fruits of the spirit, the Roman road, living a purpose-filled life, infusing passion into your walk, finding victory, and how to stay pure, among many, many other things. But never this.

It's straight from Jesus, y'all. He told the people sitting in His presence, who felt so surely that they had kindness down to a fine art, that they were really no better than publicans, a sector of society involved in extortion and sin. If you only hang out with your homies, you're in the same boat. Ouch.

You know the drill; you're sitting on a pew, waiting for the worship leader to bounce onto the platform and get the congregation movin' and groovin', when you lock eyes with A New Person. New Person gives a beseeching stare, and you offer an uncommited half-smile, willfully oblivious to the unspoken question in his or her eyes. Will you notice me? Will you talk to me? Will you listen to my heart? New Person's eyes seem to beg for notice, but you brush away the entreaty with a neat sidesweep of your gaze, ignoring the urge to make a friend. Be honest. You know you've done it - I've done it, too. G-u-i-l-t-y.

Solomon, the wisest guy ever (just don't ask his bazillion mothers-in-law!) wrote in Proverbs 18:24 that "A man who has friends must himself be friendly" - it leaves no room for questions, no possible place for an argument. Very simply, anyone who wants friends should start by being a friend to everyone he or she can reach.

I think it's much more important than an assurance that friendly people, by definition, acquire earthly friends. Some of the most mightily anointed vessels of the Old Testament were men who Jesus Himself called 'friend'. Wow. Hello, Abraham, father of the whole chosen nation of Israel; you were "called the Friend of God (James 2:23)". Hello, Moses, man who defied world powers to lead Israel out of captivity in broad daylight. Jesus talked to you 'face to face, as a man speaks to his friend (Ex. 33:11)".

Do you want to be His friend, in every sense of the word? Yeah? Ok, awesome. So prove it. What are you doing any more than others?

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