Happy Fashionable Friday!

I've got an awesome scripture that I'm currently mulling over and studying that I really want to tell you about, because it blew me away when I read it, as simple and direct as it is. Thanks, God, for making things new and real and relevant every day.

But I'm not done thinking about it yet, and other important things came up today; namely, the fact that I desperately need to go shopping. [I realize that shopping does not supersede Jesus, but follow along, people, just follow along..]

I'm trying to avoid shopping at all costs, because, well, it costs, for one. Not to mention, it's frustrating and time consuming and it makes my hair look like a blow-dried poodle from all of the on-off action with the tops and blouses and everything. [And trust me; heat-styled canine hair is NOT PRETTY!]

It's just a mess. But it must be done.

So I'm going to work up the nerve to do it eventually - well, actually, I'm probably going to be forced into it, since my clothes are rapidly becoming too large, but po-tay-to, po-tah-to. I'm going to pretend it's because of bravery. Or an epiphany. Whichever is more effective.

I looked at random [expensive] things online [that I cannot possibly afford] to see if I loved something, and the answer is yes. For one, I like this ridiculously be-bowed vest from Marc Jacobs [I'm ashamed to admit that I called him 'Marc Somebody' before] that reminds me of a frilly life-vest, if you can picture that.

I can, and I pretty much snickered through the next three notable clothing store sites [which will not be named, because I hear they have to pay you for that] at the thought of it.

Seriously, though, I refuse to pay $298 for something that is, at best, a partial shirt, but I made a solemn committment to Making An Effort At Fashion today [I did - I even typed it all out, just like that, title-text format and everything], so I'll have to keep looking.

Still. I would soooooooo wear that crazy thing. (o;

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