Haiku, Bamboo, A Toodle-Oo!

Yeah, I become strangely affected by Veggie Tale-esque rhymes and rhythms at 2am.

Don't judge me. (o;

I have the best family in the world [hey, y'all!] and that wonderful family includes a precious baby-who-isn't-a-baby-anymore sister who has a phenomenal way of weaving words together and making them sound poetic.

Our gracious heavenly Father knows that she didn't learn this from me.

Here's a sampling of one of Leah's haiku(s? I'm so bad at this!):

A butterfly's wings
soft and fragile, like my heart
also born to fly.

You can read more at her brand-new poetry blog, http://www.alsoborntofly.blogspot.com.

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