The Beginning..

Ok, wow. It's already been a week [give or take a day or so, but who's counting?] since I stopped fighting the movement and became a bona-fide blogger, and I'm a little ashamed to say that it's taken me that whole week to try my hand at The Very First Post.

Perfectionism meets procrastination, and voila, I am created. No, really, it's true - and don't judge me, for it, either! You'd do it, too, if you knew how much fun it is.

A first blog is a little bit sacred; I don't want to begin what will surely become a journey of self-enlightenment and discovery by overstating the mundane and frivolous - nor do I want to start off by diving into a whirlpool of emotions and higher thought processes. It's a delicate balance of who I am as a person, what I discover as a child of God, and what I find on clearance.

See how complicated this is already? *grin*

If you know me [at all - I'm an open book, people!] you'll know that I've been anti-blog for almost as long as I've been an active member of the online community. [That makes me sound like I actually have something to do with the online community; truth be told, that really only means that I have a MySpace profile like almost every other human person on Earth.] I've even blogged about being anti-blog.

Seriously, folks - I was no joke on the anti-blogging frontier.

I have to admit, though, I'm in the process of reformation. I've encountered some pretty splendiferous [yes, yes that IS a word] blogs, and have to admit that the whole thing is cooler than I thought. I was surprised to find more than knitting projects, random rants, and recipes; blogs can be an interesting read and an amazing journey, all wrapped up in the cuteness that is a properly decorated [and twittered, although I'm still not entirely sure what that is] blog.

Who knew?!? Oh, you. Right. Okay, well, I'm still in the honeymoon phases of blogging, so please don't pop my joy bubble.

I'm pretty pumped about another benefit too; this is going to force me to faithfully journal those random inspirations that hit me during midnight popsicle runs [hey, now - I see you judging again!] and while zooming down the freeway, driving with my knees [not recommended, btdub].

So I'm beginning this crazy ride. I'm a little nervous about it, but I do hereby resolve to organize my thoughts as coherently as I possibly can. And to have fun. And to start on my New Year's Resolution list from 2004, but let's not go there.

Here ends the first post of a fairly normal twenty-something gal who loves Jesus, my family and friends, mango peach sweet tea, the beach, singing at the top of my lungs, and high heels... And here begins the thoughts and inspirations and little bits of nothing that strike my fancy.

You've been warned, folks. (o;

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